Interning in a start-up business has many advantages. Someday, we may want to start our own company. If we know how other businesses handle every stage of the process, we can learn from their success and failure. Their failure may serve as a lesson for us to correct it. And if we work in a growing company, we have a better opportunity to see all aspects of a business and oftentimes we can contribute in a more effective ways compared to when we will work at larger organizations since there are many competitions. Of course, it is not always easy to find. Start-ups usually cannot afford to come up with a specific intern roles. But, we may be lucky enough to have one.

We may come to think about the things that interest us. We may never dream to work in a start-ups, but if we are passionate about what such business could offer, then maybe we can perform our job well. We should select the one which is best according to our preference. We can explain why we have chosen such business. We could also share our experience that we know could contribute to the starting business. We should be provocative.

After we are accepted, we need to prove that we are worth it. Who knows? They maybe our potential employer someday. If we work well, there is a higher possibility of being hired as a regular worker after our internship. We should work with intelligence. We should make sure that our internship is not an additional burden to our mentors. We can perform our jobs with less supervision. We may try to work in all the areas of the business even if it really does not interest us. We should be flexible enough so that we can be more useful in many ways. At least, we have gained not just the work experience, but also the learning experience.